SOL’ Music EOY Party 2023

This must be the year for living on the edge as we celebrated for the second time, Sol’ Music back to back and twice in one month!

Acknowledgment goes a long way and that is what we did on December 8th for our Adelaide team! To show our appreciation and gratitude to all our incredible volunteers, we hosted a thanksgiving dinner to celebrate all their achievements for Sol’ in 2023 – as always the more the merrier so invitations were still open to the wider community.

Thank you to our incredible team for your commitment and now onto next year’s big event – Australia Day, Youth Music Festival 2024. We’d like to acknowledge the following people for their incredible continuous commitment. Thank you to all those that have been a part of the journey.

Solidarity Music ‘Dwells’ into new heights!

As we begin to conclude the 2023 year, what better way to celebrate than to venture into new territory, and in collaboration with Dwell Student Living Accommodation in our Adelaide CBD.

It was an exciting opportunity to connect with international students living on campus and introduce them to our YCW community, all with a breathtaking view from the top floor – level 21! We are so extremely excited to see where this new collaboration has in store for 2024.