End of Year BBQ night with YFP

KBBQ has always been an absolute best dinner meal for us all to gather around in an ‘end of year party’ with Youth Food Project! Time flies and 2023 is officially over. We would like to express our gratitude towards all amazing participants who have been around with YFP!

Youth Food Project (YFP) is an interactive program for young adults aged 15-35 across the Brimbank local council area, looking at developing independent life skills, addressing food wastage and breaking down social isolation through food and cooking.

Learn to cook, get tips & tricks on reducing food wastage, learn budget friendly cooking and make new friends. Participants will cook a meal and then discuss issues affecting them, such as cost of living, isolation, unemployment, while sharing the meal together.

I wish you all a blessed holiday! Enjoy your break and we’ll see you again soon!