Referendum 2023: Collective Reflection and Learning

Last year Australia came together as one to vote on the Voice to Parliament referendum. The results came out to be disappointing but it does not mean the fight is over. This was a chance for Australians to take up the invitation from our Indigenous communities and walk alongside their journey. The journey is ongoing and has not stopped.

On the 16th of January, leading up to Survival Day, Australian YCW and Cardijn Community Australia invited participants to come along the journey to reflect and learn together. We heard from young leaders and activists from their own communities to see how they have taken up the invitation to walk alongside this journey. Our group of young leaders and activists were Sabrina Stevens, Madeline Forde, Josh Lourensz, Yolanda Gill and Sudeep Velagapudi.

Our purpose of the webinar was to start conversations around the lead up and the result of the referendum. On the night of the webinar, many experiences were shared and many of our participants were able to share their thoughts and come up with actions to keep the conversation going and to stand in solidarity with our First Nations People.

We would like to thank our amazing panelists for sharing their experiences and opinions as young leaders and activists. We also thank our wonderful participants who all came with open minds and hearts to learn and reflect collectively. Please stay tuned for our follow up webinar coming up soon !