The purpose of this  survey applied by YCW during the lockdown in Australia, in 2021, was to explore and identify the main barriers that young migrant workers and students face in Australia. It is expected that the findings obtained in the survey will inform us, in order to contribute to improve the rights and opportunities for migrant workers and students. 

This online survey was offered in English only, and with multiple-choice questions, 36 survey responses allowed to collect relevant data regarding the cost of living for Temporary Visa holders in Australia, specifically International Students (80.6%) as they were the most popular group among the participants. Also, the majority of the participants were living in New South Wales (69%), followed by South Australia (13.9%), and Queensland (8.3%), in 2021. 

The data also shows that 50% of the participants were between 20-30 years old, while 44% were between 30-40 years old. 

It is expected that these findings will be useful to generate greater opportunities for International Students and Temporary Visa holders overall, in Australia. Since as young migrants who pay taxes, they deserve fair treatment in a society that has been built by migrants.

As a recommendation, it is urgent to create advocacy groups to improve the rights as workers and students, for Temporary Visa holders in Australia. But also, to enhance their opportunity to obtain a Permanent Residence (PR Visa) visa in Australia, especially during this critical period that the Australian economy faces due to the shortage of workers in the country as a result of the pandemic and the closure of the borders.