A look back at 2023

This December Parramatta Young Christian Workers reflected on the year and shared our accomplishments with our community. As the year drew to a close we wanted to shout out and celebrate our leaders and our actions for 2023 and so, for the second year in a row, we celebrated our PYCW’s 12 Days of Actions. Coinciding with the 12 Days of Christmas, we highlighted our leaders, staff and actions and all that we had achieved throughout the year. In this article we’d like to highlight some key achievements in 2023, just as we did in our 12 Days of Actions.

This year marked the 1 year anniversary of Community Kitchen, a feat achieved with our partner Western Sydney University. This year we’ve had 20+ dinners and served roughly 1,600 meals to domestic and international students as well as giving out $1000 of giftcards to students to address food insecurity and the rising cost of living. Community Kitchen continues to be a successful program at creating community on campus, feeding students a fresh, hot and healthy meal, addressing food insecurity and being a platform to share the YCW methodology and mission.

Including the community kitchen the YCW took action on key social justice issues through 8 Actions. The Community Kitchen, English Classes for International Kids, Nature Connect, Formation Sessions, Gentlemen’s Reviews, Affordable Housing Initiative, Community Hub Events, and Fundraising for YCW Actions. These actions addressed, Climate Change, food insecurity, cost of living, the housing crisis, education and developing community.

These actions and initiatives could not have happened without the efforts of our volunteer, leaders, mentors and workers and this year we boasted 5 key leaders and 5 workers working on these actions alongside our amazing team of mentors.

The Parramatta movement is proud of our leaders, actions and all that we’ve accomplished throughout the year and is looking forward continue working towards a better and just world in 2024.