On Tuesday 23rd November, we celebrated the 80th Anniversary of YCW in Australia with a webinar with speakers Bill Armstrong AO (former YCW President 1963) and Marilyn Bellett (Current National YCW President)

Bill spoke of the impact and change YCW had made for generations, and how when taking action its not about doing things for or to people, but you do things with people. Bill also spoke about how sometimes people needed a nudge, (or a friendly shove) into change.Marilyn shared stories of young workers in the movement and highlighted that the movement today is different from the movement 80 years ago, but that “the path ahead of us (YCW) is full of hope and opportunities.”

Q&A time followed the moving talks and people reflected in the comments about their experiences of YCW as well as their hopes and some of the challenges for the YCW movement today.

Options for actions following the webinar were discussed, such as making a regular financial contribution, subscribing to the newsletter, connecting on social media and getting alongside the actions of the YCW movement today. If you would like to support or take action, get in contact with YCW via email info@ycw.org.au

If you missed the webinar, or want to watch again, click the button below and enjoy the unedited video.