The YCW Organises, Educates and Empowers young people to be a positive change within their own lives and the community.
See. Judge. Act.


The Young Christian Workers aim for a world where young people can become positive and regular contributors to society. Through the values of Dignity, Respect, Worth, Subsidiarity, and Solidarity, young people (16-30) can learn to recognise their own realities and transform their own lives through the process of enquiry, reflection and action.


The words Young, Christian, and Worker describe three aspects of our reality. Many people fit in to one of these definitions or perhaps all. What characterises our movement and who we are as young people however, is not that we are by definition "young, Christian and workers", but that we use the review method of ‘See, Judge, Act’ as an application of our values and faith to our daily lives. Ours is a method of action and reflection that engages young people to take hold of the work around them and transfer it as Jesus and the Apostles did.


For these reasons, the focus of our plan for expansion is to engage us young people to SEE the reality of our lives, our community, and the world; JUDGE the relationship between the situation around us and what we believe should be happening; and finally ACT to create a change that reflects what we believe should be happening. We can apply this as young people in every aspect of our lives; with our families, with our friends, in our workplaces, in our schools and universities, and in our parishes.


The SEE, JUDGE, ACT method is a simple nine-question formula to understand our situation and then to take Action in light of our REALITY and FAITH.



What exactly is happening?
Why is this happening? (the causes)
Who is being affected? (the consequences)



What do you think about all of this? (why?)
What do your values, your beliefs, and your faith say about this?
What do you think should be happening?



What exactly would you like to change? (long term)
What action are you going to take now? (short term)
Who can you involve to help you in your action?


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