The YCW Organises, Educates and Empowers young people to be a positive change within their own lives and the community.

Culture in the Worplace.


We achieve our greater goals as a sum of our smaller Actions. On a national level, we organise and incorporate these actions in to our National Campaign.


The YCW campaign responds directly to what young people are experiencing around Australia. Our current National Campaign for 2015 is, Culture in the Workplace: "Our Space in the Workplace".


With this National Campaign we aim to:



To represent all young people and their right to attain work-life balance, and to help young people to understand the concept of prioritizing between "work" (career, ambitions, professions) and "lifestyle" (family, relationships, leisure, health).



For all young workers to have job security and stability on a micro and macro level by creating an educational program that covers how to access resources surrounding culture within the workplace.



Through partnerships to create an empowering network of services for young people in which itself creates a network that supports peer-to-peer relations.


The National team of the AYCW will work together and in their own communities to bring about the security of our jobs and the right to attaining work-life balace by the reviewing of our communities and taking collective action.


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